Train the Trainers Course

Train the Trainers Course

Police Academy, the Netherlands, 2014
Policing Through English has designed and delivered their second Train the Trainers Course at the Police Academy, the Netherlands.

Read the feedback:
I really like your way of teaching, because you motivate your students in different ways. This mix of teaching methods is beneficial for the learning results but also for my ‘learning pleasure’. Apart from this, you really create a safe and pleasant learning environment. Important, because (I think…) learning must also be ‘fun’. And of course I’m very enthusiastic about the (tailor-made!) content of the course. Thanks again.”
Eppo Eggink
Onderwijskundig Beleidsadviseur, 
Staff Onderwijs
“I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated your dedication and service again during our “custom made English course” in the Netherlands. Your knowledge and experience was invaluable for me.
It was a pleasure working with you and I’m certain it helps me during my teaching, coaching and mentoring courses for Dutch police officers sent abroad.
So again, thank you for your generous support.
Hetty van de Zande
Docent, School voor Gevaar- en Crisisbeheersing.
In my career as an educational specialist I had the opportunity to see a lot of teachers at work.

Clare is definitely one of my favourite teachers because she is a very good English teacher and also fun to be with. I followed two intensive courses with “Policing through English” in Holland, which she delivered during two weeks for me and my colleagues at the Police Academy.

Clare is capable to make a perfect connection with the group and with the different levels in the group. She made us work and learn together in a varied way that was also very enjoyable. We often laughed which was good for our learning process.

Clare made a great effort in her preparations and during the lessons to meet our wishes.

I can recommend Clare with all my heart.
Clea Evers 
Educational Specialist,
Police Academy of the Netherlands.
In August 2014, we, as the team of teachers for “preparations international missions”, had been offered, by the Police Academy in the Netherlands to follow a course of a week to professionalize our English.
The course provided by Clare Maguire ( has left a deep impression on me. Her enthusiasm, passion and quality  inspired me to participate during the lessons all day. The alternation of theory and practice was balanced perfectly. As a teacher I’ve used some of her ideas in my own lessons to make the energy level grow again. Clare perfectly feels what the energy is like in class and what she can do with this to remain in learning mode, my respect for that.
Because of her CEPOL background and her history in police trainings she is at the same level of the participants and she uses the right terms. Therefore she can switch easily from civil- to police-aimed assignments and the other way around.
I have learned a lot from this course and I got motivated to keep improving my English. I hope and wish to see Clare back in 2015 to give us another course to professionalize our English. In the evaluations with our own students they say that I have improved a lot. I feel that I can now control the English language and speak and write with confidence. I recommend Clare to everybody.  
Met vriendelijke groet,
Edwin Mutsaars
Trainer Police Academy of the Netherlands.